Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May Funnies

Shannon has an employee who is a man of few words.  He has been working up at the house for a couple days much to Nickles' delight.  Nickles chatters away while Tyler works, works, works.  Nickles was telling Katherine how Tyler doesn't talk.  To demonstrate his point he yelled and waved at Tyler, "Hey Tyler!  Hi Tyler!"
When Tyler didn't respond Nickles turned to Kath, "See, he doesn't talk."
The poor guy, he's probably totally overwhelmed with so many kiddos running around that he's been struck dumb!

Dominic doing school work, "I'm so smart it makes my head hurt."

While at the county getting an address sign, we were told if we waited a moment they would make the sign right away so we didn't need to return.  Nickles and I were walking out in the hallway trying to stay occupied.  Nickles says, "Mom, Mom!  I have a bright idea!  Let's just wait til the man makes our sign and then we can go home."
Yes, son, I'm glad you thought of that.

While this next one wasn't funny at the time, it is now.  We were wrapping up the night, brushing teeth, putting Ranger away, etc. The kiddos couldn't find our sweet little calf; he had escaped again.  Shannon suddenly came into the bathroom, handed me Max and hurried outside.  Wondering what was going on, I looked out the bathroom window to see a man walking up our driveway saying, "My car, my car."
Shannon and I both immediately thought, "Lovely. Ranger is dead up on the highway and this guy hit him."
Shannon asked the man if he had seen a cow.
"No," he replied, "Not a cow, my car is up there," pointing to the rock face up by the highway.
Sure enough, there was his car, crashed into the rocks below the top of our drive.
Apparently, he was out for a Sunday drive, stopped at the top of our driveway to take some pictures, or so he claimed.  The top of our drive is often used as a rest stop, much to my disgust.  His car began to roll towards the edge while he attempted to stop it from tumbling over the brink.  He was unsuccessful, his car ended up crunched amongst the rocks.  Thank heavens there was no one in the vehicle.

The poor guy must have felt like he was in the twilight zone.  After watching his car crumple into a twisted pile of metal, which would be surreal in itself, he was questioned by a man searching for a cow, while everywhere he looked another child popped out of the bushes as they returned from our Ranger-search.

Ranger was eventually discovered standing outside his pen, waiting for his bottle.

Annika summed it up best, "There is always something happening up here!"

Eric left his daily schedule laying out.
I almost died.
It may explain while we're still doing school this year.

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  1. Your kids crack me up! Looks like your school day is on a pretty tight schedule. No hot lunch for your kids?

    My end of May funny - after a week of vacation (most of it spent in the pool or on the beach), my godson tells me his favorite part was (pointing at an iPad) "watching this". "This" was the movie Free Bird which he hadn't even watched.

    I hope your kids get out of school soon. I'm sure there's tons of frogs to catch out at the pond. loveyoumeanit....