Monday, June 1, 2015

May Funnies

Josh, while using his spelling words in a sentence, "You should consider becoming a priest before becoming an astronaut."

Nickles racing in with another pressing question/statement, "MOM! Are you going to wake up tomorrow?"
"Well, I was planning on it."
"Oh good.  Then you will see that I won't be wearing a shirt."
I'm still scratching my head on that one.

Nickles whipping into the laundry room, "Mom!!"
And, yes, for the record, everything that Nickles says is exclamatory.  At least he feels that way.
"Mom!! I need a yo-yo."
And that's that.

While I was slicing oranges in the kitchen, Kath arrives to tell me goodbye before heading to Grandma's for the night.  She stands there, shifting back and forth impatiently, waiting for a God bless before leaving.  
Suddenly she spurts out, "I'm not that way, Mom." 
When I replied that I didn't think she'd want orange juice all over her forehead, she insisted, "Mom, I'm not like all the rest of the girls. I don't care." 
In-other-words, "Hurry up, Mom. I need to get going, sticky forehead or not."

Meet Goldie, who when last seen was 1.5 inches long and was anticipated to be 
a little snack for the larger trout in our pond.  
Turns out he's a survivor.
I doubt any trout is going to be nipping at him now.

Upon pulling his marshmallow from the fire and examining it, 
Nickles states, "It looks like a cat poop."
Indeed it did ~ perhaps you should try taking it out sooner.


No matter how we try, this kid cannot get his clothes on forward and 
right side out at the same time.  
This time he's wearing Dom's pants which are too large so his mistake is evident. 

Dom is the only one that can hula well in this family ~
But his boot made it hilarious.

Dr. Dad removing a sliver.  
Nickles is clearly concerned. 

"I was not reprogramming your computer."

Max is into climbing now.
Apparently, the piano is his latest quest.

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