Tuesday, March 8, 2016

January & February Funnies

Nickles (of course) lecturing his siblings during lunch, "Settle down, settle down! There is only one God."
Apparently, Eric had been claiming to be the sun god or something.

Texting convo with my eldest.  As a preface, Bill is an attorney-friend of ours that she needed to get a hold of but there was no apparent connection. 
"Is it good to give blood?
"Okay.  What is Bill's number?" 
Shannon later commented, "Well, lawyers can get blood from a bone." 

Shannon was going through some of his old stuff and having the kids throw out some cassettes. Dom took one look at them and asked, "Dad, how do these even work!?"

Nickles flew into the kitchen, eyebrows raised, voice a bit panicked, "Mom! Eric just said a really, really, really bad word!"
"What did he say, Nickles?"
"He said lunatic!" 

English was obviously boring Dom one day when he asked, "True or false. Is Grandpa partners with the Easter bunny?"

I asked Dom what the five senses are.  He began, "The sense of humor........"

We were driving along the freeway when Nickles yelled, "Mom! There's a volcano!!"
It was a smelter off in the distance. 

Uncle Matt sent a couple of boxes of hand-me-downs to Josh and Eric.  Among other treasures there was a pair of aviator sunglasses that, of course, they both wanted. They were each making their case to Shannon why they should be the one to get them, but were getting pretty wound up about the entire thing.  Shannon said, "Well, I guess you'd better fight to the death to decide."
They immediately realized how ridiculous they sounded.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth.

Fr Stu would be so proud.
Max loves to box!

When will I stop relishing quiet moments and realize that a mess is happening?

The babysitter ~
Max was napping, Shannon was heading down the driveway,
and I needed to head out, so Nickles "babysat" for two minutes.  

Perhaps we should tell Eric.......

Why I feel like I never get much done ~

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