Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Starting Over ~

So.  When your kids keep pestering you about blogging....for months on end...it's probably something they miss.  I do too.  I just didn't know how to get caught back up.  So here goes, clean slate, I'm not catching up and I apologize for the birthdays and events I've missed, kiddos.  You each know I'm a failure at a good many things and this is just one example!  That being said my eight-year-old doesn't understand that yet.  One day while making rhubarb crisp, a birthday poster, and correcting a math paper, Nickles roars into the kitchen holding his piggy bank.  He wanted to count his money.
I lost it, "What do I look like?  Wonder Woman?"

"No," came the reply, "Wonder Woman can't cook."

There you have it. Unfair expectations.  I am supposed to be Wonder Woman AND cook and it hasn't worked out so well for me the past year and a half!  Actually ever.  But here's to striving!

 I just had to begin teaching the boys to cut one another's hair.  I may not be around some time.
And, who knows, it could be a good side hustle in college!

"I'm gonna kiss you...on da yips!"

This winter. 
 It was interminable.  
I never wanted to see another white flake, then another foot would pour from the skies. 
September 15th was the first snow.
The final one....oh yeah....last week.
At least I'm hoping praying BEGGING God that it was the last white stuff til Christmas.

But my cherubs....they had a rip-roaring good time.
Even last week, while I was sobbing over a cup of tea in the kitchen, they went swimming.

Pierce ~ his smile couldn't be wider! 

With sisters home each weekend from college, there was always someone to pull them up and down the drive making sledding much more enjoyable!

Annika can keep up with her brothers, even though they're skeptical!

Is it a chairlift?
Is it a gondola?
No, momma is the liftie in the truck!
Warm and tunes!
Except for the guys in the bed of the truck.  It may be a bit cold for them.

Never enough snow ~

"I put two flashlights on my helmet in case one's batteries run out."
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