Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Can Rally

There are many imperfections in my family, as difficult as it is to admit flaws.  But lately, one thing that I have grown to love is ~ we can rally, and it's not done half way!  When someone is dealt a blow in life, everyone bands together to lift that individual up.  Lately, I have struggled to see the beauty in life.  It seems as though nothing is fair, then I am reminded we live in a fallen world.  Shannon reminds me that we aren't living for this life, we are made for more.  And a taste of that "more" was yesterday...a day when my entire family dropped what they had planned, flew in from out-of-state, skipped school, let plans and deadlines fall by the wayside and gathered to celebrate family.

We headed to a ski hill to enjoy a sport that we love, but especially Theresa.

The uncles and aunties skied with the littles, even getting Anya & Collette (Theresa's cherubs) up on skis.  I certainly thought it would be more of a struggle than it was!  They must be born ski bunnies!

Shortly, they'll be on their own!

Uncle Matt entertained while the other twin was skiing...and there is never better entertainment than Uncle Matt!

Annika & Stacy heading up for a run.

Lunch never tastes as good as it does at the ski hill!

Almost the whole crew ~

Smile ~ you've got cheese fries!

 Dom just looks like he is crying.  He's having fun now, after a couple tear-filled runs.

Annika & Anya heading up the "Magic Carpet"

Would you please kick it, Dom!

"Just say Cheese!"  
Just say, "Playing Hookey"

Just us girls, and one sister-in-law to keep keep things crazy ~:o)

And for comic relief, this is supposed to be a self-portrait of Matt with us in the background.
It kinda worked,
I believe those are some of our legs!

Thank you to each one of you that made an average weekend so special~ I love you!


  1. Such a beautiful family! Allison, this post had me in tears. Whenever anyone questions the reason for having a big family - this is it. You'll always have an army behind you when times get tough and you'll never be alone. Simply beautiful. You are all in my prayers.

  2. I know this is a late comment but this weekend was more memorable and will be more treasured than I'll be able to say!
    Thank you for summarizing so beautifully.
    I love YOU Allison. :)