Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I am notoriously cheap, but it really hit home last night as I was cruising through traffic on my bike.  While crossing through an intersection I spotted a nickel.
Not $100, just a nickel.
I almost slammed on my brakes.  Luckily a sense of self preservation kicked in and I continued pedaling, but it took a mile before deciding turning back would be a waste of time.
The sad part is while my eye instantly caught that shiny nickel it did not see the large piece of plastic ten miles further, thus leading to a flat tire and an SOS being sent out for a ride!

What a beautiful night it was.
Absolutely no wind.
The smell of spring hanging heavily in the air.
The traffic whipping by.
The sun beating down with little spots of shade here and there.

Every time I am privileged to go biking I realize what an unselfish anniversary gift this was from my husband.  Until recently no one could ride with me, so that meant he was home by himself whenever I was biking.  
It was a gift I never saw coming and one from deep in his heart.
He thinks of me like that ~ okay, not when he bought me a backpack and a Sunshower, but typically.

And this post has digressed....over and out.  

Strawberries and milk for dessert is the best~

Best of friends....most of the time.  

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