Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yesterday was an awesome day of puttering around the house, packing suitcases and folding laundry with a good deal of daydreaming scattered throughout.  Birthday wishes came from all different venues...snail mail, email, phone calls and texts.  Two particularly made my day....actually every thought meant so much that it seems unfair to even say that two stood out!  The first was a card in the mail from Great Aunt Gloria.  We use the term "great" in her name to mean fantastic, fabulous, awesome, amazing...great!
She never forgets a birthday and has an uncanny knack for knowing what each child might enjoy for their birthday or Christmas.  She sent such a sweet note from the heart that it brightened my whole day!
AND, the cards almost always arrive on a person's birthday.  I find this amazing as that is just not something I've got down.
I'll bet she has an in with the postal service ~ she must be great!

The other one that was too funny was my bro, Matt.  He called and actually sang Happy Birthday.
Not your typical Happy Birthday, it was a rendition that could have only been composed by Matt.
He said the typical tune was just not his thing...he may have used other terms, but we'll leave it at that!

After all the kids were settled in bed it struck me how different last year was.
And I cried.
At times I feel cold-hearted when a day goes by and I haven't thought a lot about Theresa.  There is enough going on that not every thought is consumed with her not being here...but then there are moments when it just bites.
Last night was one of those.
So, thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes.
It filled me up and yet again made me realize what wonderful family and friends we have been given.

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  1. Thank you Allison for the kind words. I am glad it helped make your day a good one. Here I thought that I was the only one who enjoyed getting birthday cards. BUT, you should have seen my jaw drop when I started reading your blog. Ha! Gloria