Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hindsight, as they say, is always 20/20.  While running tonight I was thinking over this past crazy week, analyzing how I could do things differently this forthcoming week to make the household run smoothly.  But as I was formulating a plan my mind wandered to all the moments that while they are hilarious now, were more than a little stressful in the moment...and all of them seem so ridiculously paltry now.

Hindsight provides clarity and sheds a hilarious light on my seemingly mundane life.

There was the hour that I had free in town with only one child.  It seemed like a perfect opportunity to try on new glasses at Costco.  Never mind that the only child was Nicholas.  While I began trying on glasses, he ran circles around me.
And the tv's.
And the optical counter.
Realizing that this would never work I decided to have a little chat with him.  Surely he would understand how important it was for Mom to try on glasses.  Miraculously he seemed to comprehend!  I watched him out of the corner of my eye while I tried on a few pairs, chatting with the technician, til it dawned on me something was awry.  Sure enough, when I turned to actually look at him he was standing there, legs spread, still as a statue in a big puddle of.......yeah, it wasn't water.
So wrapping him in my coat, I cleaned up the mess, purchased a new pair of pants and exited stage left.  I was no closer to finding glasses than I had been an hour earlier and $8.00 lighter spent on unneeded clothing.

Then there was Dominic who had had a difficult time getting his shoes on.  We had just shoved them on despite his grimace because we needed to be at Grandma's house shortly.  That evening at prayers Shannon was sitting next to Dom and began peeling socks off.
Five pairs later we found his feet.

I learned I shouldn't send Nickles in to get a head start washing up for bedtime, unless I really like doing laundry.  He used a sink full of water and twelve rags....and a towel.

I'm still trying to figure out who drew on the counter overhang in the kitchen and why.  Seriously, it would have been easier to draw on a wall.  At least then the artwork would be on display.
Or maybe the budding artist realized that.

But the thing that made me say, "Hmmmm" were the muddy footprints on our white bath rug.  The kids aren't running outside barefoot right now.....maybe it wasn't mud.
But I don't want to think about that too long.

There were beautiful moments too. Moments that I loved right then and didn't worry about how they weren't fitting into my perfect schedule.

While waiting for Michaela's knee MRI to be completed we were able to have a wonderful discussion with the receptionist about the blessings of larger families.
And it's the first time I meant it in a long time, the words were from my heart, inspired by Someone greater than I.

Then there was little Halle Jo that was a guest at our house this week.  The little boys loved having a younger sister.
What am I talking about...everyone in the house enjoyed having her around.  It was a bit empty when we sat down for dinner following her departure.
Annika is wondering why it is taking us so long to have another baby. Oh golly!

And waiting for Michaela to hobble to the suburban following the girls' Latin classes so we could race to our next appointment.  Watching my two girls, Michaela and Katherine, laugh down the sidewalk, Michaela limping slowly on her injured knee, Katherine joking all the way but walking slowly beside her to make sure she didn't fall filled my heart right up to the top! Who cares what friends they may or may not have, they will always have one another.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for the gift of  siblings!

After my run, it was clear that no matter how well my time is planned it will always be filled with unexpected events: extra laundry, mopping Costco's floor, scrubbing counters, and the list goes on.  If everything went as planned my life really would be boring and I'd have nothing to  laugh about!

Now, about those muddy footprints........

No, this is not typically allowed, but kept the littles occupied for about an hour ~
AND they were tired afterward!

Halle helping Michaela with Algebra.  

So while Halle is cute, the background is what made me laugh!
What IS Dom doing?

Daddy and the boys went to work and were certain to get donuts.
Well' we'll show them ~
We made our own!

This pair of pajamas defines my two little boys.
"How much can I get away with before I'm bad?"

Wrapping up the week with pizza and friends ~
Just what the doctor ordered for Michaela who has been 
going crazy sitting around with her knee.
13 more days til surgery!

Another chore that could have been completed much quicker sans help.
Notice the wadded up pile on the left...
...those were "folded."

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