Monday, February 4, 2013

Ski Day

I love to ski.
I love to skip a day of school in order to ski even more.  For some reason on mornings that we are headed out the door to go skiing, things get wild and crazy, so much so that I almost bail every.single.time.

Then we get on the road, pray our Rosary, actually make it to the ski hill, unload the piles of gear (no matter how much I scale back it is a tight load) get our tickets and the day suddenly is wonderful.  It is more peaceful when my little bro is there to help, but even when he is not, it's a relaxing day.

We were expecting blue skies today, instead it was overcast.  No matter ~ the kiddos had a wonderful time and it was filled with laughs.  Grandma was able to join us; that made everyone's day.  Michaela even went along for the ride and did her schoolwork in the lodge.  School at the ski hill ain't so bad!

I was able to get a couple runs in with Dom and Annika.  Dom loves the "twee twails."
Me, not so much.
I warned him it wasn't the safest to ski through them.  Alas, he didn't listen.  As I waited for him to emerge from the trees I heard a thud and turned to see him straddling a tree.    He isn't one to learn fast when he is convinced something is fun, so about five minutes later he was stuck on another tree trail, digging his ski out of the snow.
And his mean Mom let him figure it out on his own.
I think he missed Uncle Joey's pockets of candies that he is typically treated to!

I am ready for the rest of the week now, batteries recharged, a day of being completely unplugged is so wonderful for the heart!

This used to be a total stressor, 
now my skis bear so many scars it no longer matters who skis over them!

My little wild and crazy man ~

"I'm cold, I need hot chocwat."
Code for, "I want to ride the elevator."

See ya later alligator!

I know, I know, I shouldn't have taken the picture, but I simply couldn't help myself ~

The Magic Carpet is the littles' favorite ~

Michaela ~ I'm a faster skier than you are right now!  

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