Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Funnies

During night prayers Nickles thanks God for the "totally awesome pizza" followed with, "Jesus totally loves pizza."
Shannon commented, "I didn't know Jesus was Italian." 

Nickles is sleeping on the floor due to being slightly ornery to his bedmate.  Shannon was tucking him in and Nickles says, "Someday I'll be nice and sleep in there," pointing to the bed.  

While preparing to leave for choir, Katherine burst into the house, "The cow is gone!"  
While most families deal with runaway dogs and cats, we were scouring the woods for a runaway cow.     We eventually found Ranger much further away than I would think a little guy like him would have gone ~ one more adventure to add to our daily life! 

Josh & Eric emerged from the bathroom laughing hysterically.  Apparently, Nickles had filled the toothbrush cup to brimming...and not with water.  He and Shannon have been watching too much Man vs. Wild and he filled the cup with what belongs in the toilet.  Worse yet, Mom came later and while the cup had been washed, bleached and washed again, when she handed it to me full of smoothie, it took an act of the will to choke the smoothie down.

Three "cherubs"

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  1. Wow! You must be the healthiest mom around if laughter is the best medicine. I always enjoy your funnies, though that last one is a little gross. Hope springtime is being good to all of you! loveyoumeanit....