Saturday, August 16, 2014

First "Brother Bath"

The boys had their first bath together tonight.  It ended in tears for Maximo when Dom and Nickles began screaming because they had to actually have their hair washed....with shampoo.  Apparently, shampooing was a foreign experience.  Sadly, I have been telling them to go bathe on their own for the past months and they must have been neglecting the use of shampoo, soap, etc.  Nickles did try shaving a month ago so he must be familiar with the shaving cream.  Unfortunately, he shaved his head, and only in a few spots.

This is awesome ~ my brother is in the tub!

Wow! You're in here too!

Uh, Nickles, you're kinda close.

Dudes, you're crampin' my style! 

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