Monday, August 25, 2014

Rebuilding the Cross

Many years ago, before my kiddos were even old enough to participate, some boys gathered for a camp up at our house.  At the time they climbed to the top of our hill and erected a cross.  A friend of ours looked forward to seeing the cross up there each time she crossed the Pass on her way to work at the prison.  It was a reminder to her of the sacrifice Christ made of His very life. The winds blew, the storms came and eventually our cross became a leaning pole.

We ran into our friend a couple weeks ago and she mentioned that the leaning pole still reminded her to pray for our family each time she passed our hill, but she was looking forward to a whole cross soon!  The boys and I decided we had better rectify the situation, especially if someone is praying for us.

Eric cutting a crossbeam ~

A cheerful helper as long as the going is easy ~

Dom was forced into labor up the hill.....

But after Dom fell..... 

....Eric was on his own.  

What made cowboy boots a good idea for climbing rocks is anybody's idea!

Climbing the last bit to the very top of the hill ~

Coming up with a plan ~

Mission accomplished!


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  1. What handy boys you have! And strong, too! It's been a long time since I have come over that pass and seen the cross. What a bummer that another summer has passed and we didn't make it up there. I pray you are all well. Give a big hug to the rest of the family for me. loveyoumeanit....