Saturday, December 5, 2015

A New Advent Tradition

Each year we seem to tweak our Advent traditions.  This year we added a single white stocking hanging on our wall ~ "The Jesus Stocking."  Throughout each day during Advent we are writing what we are thankful for on slips of paper and placing them in the stocking to be read Christmas Eve. One day Dom kept asking how to spell different words.  I didn't even question why he needed to know the words til he said, "Wow! There are just so many good things!"

Right then, I sat down and wrote down a few things myself because there are so many good things, but I often forget in the busyness of each day.  Hopefully, this will help us focus on what we are grateful for, avoiding pessimism and materialism during this blessed season of Advent.  Just maybe the stocking will be stuffed to the top with notes by Christmas as we offer our thanksgiving for all the goodness He has given us!

It looks a little lonely now, but as we decorate in the 
forthcoming weeks maybe it won't look so out of place!

Michaela ~ you could keep a little pile of notes too and add them to the stocking when you get home.


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