Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Funnies

My seventh child cannot be disciplined. No matter what we do, he cannot stop smiling.  When asked why he was covering his face while he was spending some quality time on the naughty bench, he replied, "I'm smiling and I can't make it go away!"
What are we going to do with him??

Nickles snuggled up for book reading the other day, but smelled awful!  I asked him if he had wet his pants, to which he replied, "I couldn't come inside because the snow might melt!" 
Boys and snow.....it has been nigh impossible to keep them focused on school since the white stuff arrived.  

Nickles and I were just beginning school for the day. While practicing writing his name, he threw his hands in the air, "Pleeeeeeease, God, just let me be doooooone!" he groaned in his most exasperated voice. 
When I asked him what that was about he stated, "That's what you do."

Dom, walking through the kitchen with his eyes closed, "Mom, have you ever tasted a jellybean in your mouth....it's not really in your mouth....but you keep chewing and swallowing and the jellybean is still there?  It's kind of my imagination." 
I'd say it's all your imagination, Bud!

Looking at Max and Nickles in the rear view mirror I said, "Holy smokes, you look like a little Nistler, Max. Nickles, who do you look like? I can't figure it out."
Nicholas looks at me like I'm stupid or something, "Um. Captain America, Mom."

We were playing Telephone at the dinner table one evening. Shannon began it with, "I love peanut butter and honey" and it ended with "Underwear."  Somewhere it changed to "Underwear and honey" then the "Honey" was dropped.  It was a good laugh!

Walking into the bathroom, Max was standing near the toilet with a toy boat, water dripping everywhere.  Before I could even react, he swigged the water down and darted past me out the door.  
I wasn't sure what to do....give him a bleach chaser?  With Max's recent bathroom fascination, I should probably begin cleaning the toilets daily, if not a few times every day.    

We have been going to the pool a lot lately. Josh was swimming laps by himself when an older guy asked him if he was on a swim team.  Josh replied that he was not and the older gentleman told him that he should be because he was a really good swimmer.  Josh, in all his glorious humility, said, "Yeah. I know!" 

Eric went hunting with Grandpa tonight.  Eric saw some elk while Dad (Grandpa) and he were not together, so he picked a cow out and began shooting.  He was so scared of it getting away that he just kept right on firing.  Dad told Shannon that he had never heard someone fire that fast.....even in the military.  

When I told Nicholas only the older kids were participating in a geography fair, he took matters into his own hands, snagged their leftovers, made a few "diagrams" of his own, 
and glued them all to a piece of cardboard.
Nicholas' geography board. 

Because who doesn't need a sombrero for school work ~

Apparently, it's our new thinking cap.

How many kids can a daddy push-up?

Nickles can typically peel a 10# bag of potatoes. 
 I figured it would keep he and Pierce busy for a while one morning.
Pierce lost interest after half a potato and Nickles followed suit about three potatoes after that.
Darn it! I had to peel them!

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