Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dominic's First Communion

Dom received his 1st Communion April 17th.  It was a special day, receiving with his cousin, Benedict.  Now he's counting each time we go to Mass, "This is my 8th Communion...I get to receive Jesus again today."
Shouldn't we all be like that.  We should keep track.  Despite receiving Him thousands of times, it should always be new, yet how often we are thinking about breakfast, or where we are going to hike that day, or whether we turned off the lights before leaving home, or.....the list is endless.

Dear Dominic,

My prayer for you is that you love Jesus as much as your patron saint did.  That you choose "Death but not sin," always keeping your heart pure.  And keep counting those Communions, that when you are ready to meet Jesus one day, you'll know Him already, He will be your friend!

I love you,

Your godparents came....

....And Grandma & Grandpa. 

Dominic & Benedict.

We celebrated with cousins all day long ~ it was awesome!

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