Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cousin Night

The boys wanted to have Pierce over for a sleepover, and Halle was invited too.  They had as much fun as cousins can have together, falling into bed that evening completely exhausted.  That's my kind of sleepover!   

Dom kicked things off with filling up hollow Easter eggs with Nutella ~
Does life get any better than Nutella?
I submit that it does not!

Then we got some pizza dough ready ~

And rolled it out ~

Taking turns to get the job done ~

Pierce really worked that dough over ~

And then they spread on toppings ~
Only their favorite of course.  
No peppers or mushrooms were to be found.

Then we popped them in the oven and went for a hike.

Out the front door and up the hill ~

Where there was still snow and a fight ensued ~

And we played til the sun was well below the horizon ~

Good friends ~

Then we ran down the hill as fast as we could go and ate the pizza with root beer floats ~
A perfect night!

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