Thursday, March 9, 2017

Christmas 2016

As I write this, I'm sitting at a ski resort that has received 300 inches of snow this year.  That's like, 25 feet!  So it feel like Christmas right now, despite it really being Lent.  If only I were sipping peppermint hot cocoa instead of unsweetened tea.  It may as well be hot water.

This past Christmas season was the BEST!  Perhaps because I put more into Advent, I got more out of Christmas.  I just didn't want the season to end...mid February I was still reliving moments of the season and contemplating making more cookies and just pretending it was still Christmas, which wouldn't have been to difficult since the tree was still up.  I guess it's a lessen for Lent/Easter this year; If I prepare my heart more thoroughly during Lent, Easter will be all that much sweeter.

Anyway.  Christmas.  Michaela moved home, which kinda made me feel like we turned back time a few years, which is awesome!  We skied and sledded and played games and skated and just enjoyed one another.

Getting a Christmas tree with one of our favorite families ~

Looking for a tree ~ 

Decorating ~ 

Distracted by all the snow while shoveling the deck ~

Cookie decorating ~

A cookie exchange arranged by sweet Stacy ~

Cousin moments ~ 

I've fallen in love with our view this winter ~ 
Like, DEEPLY in love.

The dedicated light untangler ~

My favorite part ~ 
We did everything humanly possible to be home every evening during Advent. 

My povatica pastry chef ~

The beginning of another epic snowball fight ~ 

Apparently, it was a stressful day ~

Night prayers by our Nativity set ~ 
And it appears as though two fell asleep.

Christmas with Shannon's family ~
games with the cousins

Finally, Christmas morning arrived!

Annika and her new bow ~ 
she has to keep up with her older sisters!
And all Daddy's girls are's to practicing!

A drone with a camera!

Just what Michaela wanted....Beauty and the Beast.

Almost done with the first round.
We save gifts for the next 11 days, so we can stretch out the excitement for the full 12 days.

December's theme was, Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Nicholas got ice skating down this season ~ 

One of my favorites ~

And another favorite ~ Max loved skiing, "Fast, Mommy, fast!"

And one MORE of my favorites ~ Annika rips it up with her brothers.

Sigh.  And so the Christmas season ends.  
I truly soaked up every moment, even the chaos, and it was all good.
I guess it's a lesson for me to apply to every day life! 

The End

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