Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday Maximo!

You're so special.
Oh, so special!
God gave you to us.
It's no wonder that we love you so!

And I still cannot believe God gave you to us.  Every time you're snuggled up on my lap, I think of how I treasured being pregnant with you.  What we expected was certainly not what we got ~ how blessed we are!  You're not my little baby any longer, preferring to run with the big mean big boys.  Naps are difficult to take when your big brothers aren't taking one.  You love to swim, even learning how to dive by watching your siblings.  You are just as brave as the rest of the boys, peeling off your water wings and jumping in the pool, only to plunge straight to the bottom!  One day you'll be cliff jumping with your big brothers ~ and all the doctors who weren't sure what your life was going be be like....all we have to say, is it looks like it will be pretty full!

I love you, little Mo ~


You love being in the middle of whatever is going on ~

Helping with your own birthday cupcakes ~

1 - 2 - 3!

There's always a lap available ~

When you don't want to get your fingers sticky!
Happy birthday, little buddy!


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