Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Family Camping Trip - Dell

We headed out on our first family camping trip with the trailer.  As we were pulling out of the driveway the thought crossed my mind that I may enjoy the planning, packing, and the logistical aspects more than the actual camping.  Shannon has mentioned I may be a bit of a romantic ~ building little white picket fences in my mind, versus what our life really is.

When we initially discussed buying a camper Shannon was quite firm that campgrounds were not in our future.  We were going to camp out in the wilds, nowhere near civilized society.  So our first trip was planned accordingly.  As we drove up this incredibly bumpy, dusty road I was certain we'd be alone, surrounded by a gurgling brook and open blue skies.  An hour and a half later we arrived at "the spot" to find another camper parked right next to where we planned to spend the weekend.  There was no going back, so we settled in for the next few days.

We spent the following day searching for fish and lakes while feeding the mosquitoes.  Saturday was Shannon's birthday so he got to choose how we spent the day.  Now, I am a point A to point B hiker.  Wandering over hill and vale ain't my gig.  But Shannon.....he loves exploring the countryside.  And explore we did.  We found elk and deer at over 10,000 feet, a giant spring spewing from the mountainside, tepee rings, wildflowers that boggled the imagination, and a rock hillside up which my boys scaled - starting a small slide in the process that momentarily stopped my heart.

While it wasn't quite the romantic trip I envisioned when we first purchased our little #homeaway it was a successful weekend - even when our freezer pooped out with all the birthday ice cream inside.  I can't wait to head out on another adventure.  Meanwhile I'm striving to keep my expectations realistic. Skipping through fields of daisies singing The Sound of Music probably is not in our future.....at least not without some small catastrophes along the way.  

Early morning fishing ~

Clear blue skies ~ crystal waters ~ and a million mosquitoes

Changing tactics....surely they'll bite on a mosquito.

Joshie and his socks ~ fashion trends must begin somewhere.  

In search of cool water ~


One of my little guys on fire duty since the bigs were all fishing ~

The best thing about trailer camping ~ we almost stayed clean.

"So, we chased elk through that saddle. But today we're headed up the hill right below that snow."
#burningquads #mountainspringsnevertastedsoyum

"I'm not even tired at all.  Like, I could hike for another day. I mean, I'm kinda dizzy right now, but I could still hike for another day."

Studying rock formations.

This was the funniest ever.  Nickles' swim trunks tore the first day, but he refused to wear anything else for the duration.  Hence, his right cheek was perpetually hanging out.

This was just a couple hundred yards from the headwaters, which were gushing from the mountainside with this quantity of water.

A little mountain goat.

We are so small amidst God's magnificent creation.

I cannot even come close to explaining this profuse wildflowers.  Had we even been a week later I am not sure that there would have been as many blooms.  

My eldest son, who enjoys not shaving for a few days here and there.  


  1. So thoughts? I am also a white picket fence trailer camping dreamer. I've had trailer envy for a while, though we go back and forth about styles, size, etc. Must have features? Sage advice for a cousin?

  2. Sage advice, I do not have. My requirements were few ~ a kitchen, a couple beds and lots of storage in the smallest reasonable size! Def wish we woulda done it sooner!