Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Garbage Man

Joshie used to be our garbage man.  He was in charge of emptying all the household garbage into big cans in the garage where Daddy could take it to the dump.

It took a while, like two years, for me to realize that while I was throwing stuff away, Joshie was rescuing it.    
At one point he must have decided that I would spot the valuable goods and place them deep into the garage garbage cans, so he began hiding items beneath his mattress, in drawers, in his treasure box...anywhere that might be safe from discovery.

Finally, I had a revelation ~ pass the job onto someone else.  This would alleviate my anger when I lifted his mattress and found broken antennas, old radio knobs, pieces of long destroyed Sculpey figures, Playmobil people arms, 1/2 a shoelace and other random bits of trash.

So now Dom is our trash man.

Unfortunately, he is ensuring the refuse-rescuing tradition continues.  He takes each bag of garbage to the garage and empties it very carefully into the cans so that no treasure will be missed.
This job is taken very seriously.
Then, knowing what needs to be done to pacify his mother, he runs back inside and places the liners in all the pails before anyone realizes what is stashed in his pockets.

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