Thursday, April 26, 2012


My husband is the best ~ my apologies to all you women out there!

Whenever we have company I get a little uptight.  I want to ensure that everyone likes the meal and the house is clean and the kids are clean and, well, maybe I seek perfection a bit too much.

Unfortunately, things rarely go smoothly on days we are having extra people for dinner.  I have a tendency to believe in my Wonder Woman powers during the planning phase, then reality strikes and I become quite aware of my shortcomings.

As usual, Shannon rises to the occasion.

Shannon typically oversees the after-dinner cleanup, he seems to think I am a bit scattered in this department.  But when the cleanup is extra large, say after a large gathering, he takes over EVERYTHING!

I love it.

I feel so valued ~ it actually alleviates the preparation stress as well.
He reinforces that we are a team....obviously we are....but he makes me really feel it.

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