Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alaska Trip #1

Our vacation was wonderful.  While it was crazy-crazy getting out of the house, it was a fantabulous adventure!
The time spent creating memories will be treasured ~ and home always seems sweeter after being away.
After not having done any work to speak of for a week I think I may have been moving too fast today.  Everything I did ended in disaster, I knocked a cup of hot chocolate off the counter, dropped a a gallon of milk and jar of jam on the garage floor, then topped it off by spilling a bottle of bleach all over the kitchen.   Unfortunately, in the middle of everything Shannon cut a water line in our basement, adding another load of sopping towels to a seemingly endless heap of laundry.  

Oh well, nothing like real life ~ I can't seem to escape it too long!

Ahh, the beach ~

Can you spot the crab?

Mom, there are so many treasures!

Another teeny weeny creature that boys love ~

Father & daughter ~

Joshie, the king of all creature finders ~
he can spot anything anywhere, then catch it!

Running through damp sand with bare tootsies is the best ~

Especially with a little friend!

Yum, starfish ~

And digging away ~ something my boys do best ~

Good night ~ stay tuned for more adventures from Day 2 of our trip.

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