Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Horses & Miracles

We had these neighbors, using that word loosely, that owned a little ranchette with sheep.  The kids loved to go and see the sheep and run around the barnyard.  A few years ago, the husband passed away and the wife, deciding it was too much work for her, put the place on the market.  The kiddos cried, thinking we would never be able to visit the little farm again after it sold, or cross the property to get to Grandma's.  Of course, I tried to placate them saying, "Well, we'll just pray that someone wonderful buys the place.  You never know what will happen."  After a quick prayer, that's pretty much the last I thought of it.  

Not my girls, though.  

They really prayed every day that the place would be sold to someone good.  Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined the couple who bought ranch.  (I was going to say, "bought the farm" but that's probably the wrong term!) 

As a lot of young girls do, my girls dream of horses.  Our property, not to mention my husband, is not really conducive to horses, so they were left to their dreaming.  The couple that moved in to the ranchette, Annie & Mike, had a horse and a cute li'l mule, which they told Michaela they would teach to ride.  Pretty soon, they acquired a couple more horses and Kath got in on the action.  Now, everyone is learning to ride and my girls' dreams are coming true.  

We often talk about how we thought it would be so dreadful when the previous neighbors sold the place, all the while God had a much better, bigger plan in place that we couldn't foresee.  Michaela and Katherine now ride at least a couple times a week, along with participating in regular farm life....cleaning stalls, bandaging hooves, mucking out the chicken coop, straightening the tack room.  
And I often believe there are no longer miracles!  
Looking back, I would call this a miracle ~:o)  

Bonnie Blue and Michaela ~
Michaela had to do a little bargaining to keep this pony around, 
She is a bit feisty, the horse, that is!

Kath and Sonnet ~

The viewing rock ~
Are they ever going to be done ???

Ditto ~

Joshie, on the fine mule, Paula
She is definitely stubborn, but perfect for kids ~

Annika in all her glory ~
the most hilarious thing is watching Annika boss Paula, the mule, around ~

Eric would prefer riding a larger steed, but ya take what you're given!

I get to ride, I get to ride, I get to ride!

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  1. Wow - sounds like most kids' fantasies or all the books I ever read at their age! They all look so at ease and happy on the horses and mules, but I think the two pictures of the boys waiting are most precious. They look so at peace, almost meditative and contemplative. What a beautiful family you have, and not surprising God would find great neighbors for you! loveyoumeanit...