Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ann and the Water Beads

So there's this awesome friend of ours.  The kids think she is waaaay cooler than I do at the moment, however.  Last fall she held an All Saints Day party.  One of the games was searching for saint medals in a bowl of water beads.  These are pretty sweet little someone else's house.  As we were leaving the party, she bagged up the beads and bestowed them upon one of my children.  After a few days of them bouncing all over the floor, rolling on the carpet and being mashed into the furniture, for some dumb reason I decided to dehydrate and SAVE THEM FOR LATER!

Later was today.  I was cleaning the top of my cabinets and discovered them, dried up into their original teensy, weensy, innocuous appearing size.  They were promptly dumped into a bowl and water was added.  A very short hour later they were bouncing all over the floor, rolling onto the carpet and being mashed into the furniture.  

A little clip of the conversation while Nickles was playing in the beads.  What the heck this conversation had to do with water beads I'll never know.

Female voice, "Oh no! There's a baby in my tummy....a yot of babies!"
Male voice, "You'll have them for a yooooooong time!"
Female voice, "Oh no! I'm falling.....the babies are poppin' out."  

You know, for that matter what does that conversation have to do with anything and do I always sound so frantic that Nickles begins every imaginary female conversation with, "Oh no!?"
I guess that's a topic for another day ~ 

Thanks Ann ~ Josh, Dom and Nickles adore you!

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