Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Funnies

Dom to Eric, "Eric, I'm never going to believe you again.  You're turning into Grandpa."

I am not going to clean my boys' drawers ever again.  While straightening Dom's I discovered a beer.  We don't drink beer.  He had grabbed an extra "pop" at a party we were at and stashed it for later.  

While taking fish oil pills I was complaining of their taste.  Shan says, "Wash them down with donuts and you won't have that problem."  Mmhmm, what's the point of taking them then?  

Nickles snuggles up to me on the couch, "Mom, will you be my friend?" 
"Of course, I'll be your friend."
"Yay! Now you can never get mad at me!"

Randomly while practicing handwriting Dom says, "Mom, did you know that Obama is leading us the wrong way?"  

Michaela discovers baby Uncle has died, "Wake up little calf, wake up!"  Katherine, of course, found this absolutely hilarious.  I'm not sure what to think........

While driving behind a bus and reading the Stops at all Railroad Crossings bumper sticker, Annika states, "Like we care where the bus stops....sheesh."  Unfortunately, my sarcasm is wearing off on her.

On a walk with Nickles and Max I asked Nickles if he was freezing.  "I'm not freezin' quite yet.  Almost, but not yet."  

The younger kids were playing cards in the living room....except Nickles.  He was playing battleship alone.  He would sink a ship on one side, looking of course, then fist-pump in celebration and turn the board around to sink another ship.  No wonder he can entertain himself for so long!

A little boy is the pool asked Nickles how old he was.  He responded, "A lot."  In other words, no matter how old the other kid was Nickles was older.

Nickles after a big sneeze, "Whew!  When my nose explodes, my mouth just does that."

"I love you, Michaela!"

Never a lack of stimulation ~

The new calf ~ little Ranger.
Shannon named this one...the Lone Ranger ~

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  1. Sad to hear about Baby Uncle... It seems maybe you should clean out your boys' drawers more often - who knows what how many other "pops" they've snuck?!? Your kids are just too funny! loveyoumeanit...