Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Basketball ~

I love basketball.  In the interest of full disclosure, it's really the only sport I understand enough to follow.  So when a friend called and asked if my boys would be interested in playing ball this fall, I agreed.  Then, for reasons unclear to me now, I agreed to be the AD for the team as well.  It must have seemed logical and simple enough at the time.  While the extra work associated with organization of the team took too much time, I certainly enjoyed seeing the progress Eric and Joshie made during the season.  Before the season basketball was synonymous with pop and cotton candy, now it's synonymous with sweat and sore muscles.

While I'm relieved that the season is over, the boys had a great time.  They met new friends and learned how to play something more than backyard ball.  They learned discipline and fortitude.  All in all, the season was positive.......but now we are ready for ski season!

Eric learned a ton and enjoyed being one of the bigger boys on the team.

I really would be curious to know what Eric was doing, 
because he doesn't appear to be listening to Coach TJ!

Josh's job on the court was to a find a man and stick with him.
He managed to perfect that by the final games. 

Max always seemed to find a girlfriend ~
even if he was crawling around the floor.

It was pretty cool to see the brothers playing together.

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