Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November Funnies

During phonics Dom states, "Mom, I think we need some TNT."
I'm not certain if that pertained to the task at hand or if it was just because.

One Monday I simply had a horrid attitude and was dragging around the house telling Shan how I detested Mondays.  The work that needs to be completed for some reason seems impossible at the beginning of the week.  Shannon, of course, attempted to lift my spirits by telling me all that I have to be grateful for; when that didn't work he got pretty darn mad which certainly did nothing for my glum attitude.  
Shortly after Shannon left for work, Nickles had a huge accident in the bathroom. Huge I say.  The irony was not wasted on me and I snapped a pic, sending it to Shannon, proof positive that Mondays are crappy.  
But the funny thing about it all......in the middle of that disastrous mess I realized that life is pretty darn good.  The kids must have thought the train had the left the tracks as they watched me cleaning the bathroom and laughing about it, despite the horrendous smell.  What a sense of humor God has!

Halle was spending the night with us.  While watching Frozen she informed us that her dad (Joey) was a bit of a fixer-upper.  Out of the mouths of babes.  

Michaela's friends were out for Thanksgiving and were discussing which movie they might watch later.  Dom asked Bridgitte, one of the girls, if her parents would let her watch a PG13 movie.

"No Smokin' and No Drinkin'"
Because we do that a lot around our house ~

I love discovering pictures on my camera that I didn't take ~

Of course, I can only guess who took them ~

Any time the iPad is in use, suddenly all the boys arrive as if it emits a siren song ~

Apparently, Max and Nickles found the last play pretty awesome ~
It doesn't take much in our house....they were playing Stack the States...exciting stuff!

Halle cracks me up ~ she must think she is going to lose at Trouble ~

Someone tucked Daddy in when he fell asleep on the couch.

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