Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Same Song, Second Verse

Michaela had her ACL surgery Friday.  What was supposed to take two hours ended up taking four.  Apparently, my girl has skinny tendons which are used to replace the ligament, thus complicating the harvest and grafting into her knee.  She is relieved to now be on the road to recovery and has been telling friends she'll be ready to run the Snow Joke half marathon in February.  Hopefully, that is a joke!

Physical therapy began his morning.  She's up and moving a bit sooner compared to her last ACL surgery.  For her sake, I hope that shortens her recovery time ~ last time it seemed to take for.e.ver.

She's looking forward to skiing next year.  I thought she'd have more study time since she won't be up at the hill this year. For some reason, she didn't think that was an awesome substitute. 

All smiles when she first was being prepped for surgery. 

Two hours later, she's no longer smiling ~
It was a long day!

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