Friday, March 27, 2015

College Search #2

After Michaela decided to attend college at Carroll I breathed a sigh of relief.  There were a lot of benefits ~ she'd still be at home (no emotional goodbyes), the school seemed to be striving towards a stronger Catholic identity, it was a good education, she would still be able to ski and ride horses and do the things she loved, etc.  After a couple months the bloom was off the rose in more ways than one. Then, Michaela headed to the SEEK Conference with her cousins.  Upon her return she kept stating that she wanted "more."  Shannon and I told her that if she wanted more, she needed to spend time in Adoration, asking for guidance in defining what "more" was.  Solidly.  Concretely.

So she did.  Then a few incidents happened at school that compelled her to reach deeper, search further.  Her mother, being lazy and knowing the work transferring colleges would entail, laid down an ultimatum for God because He hadn't made it clear enough what His will was already.
"Write it on the wall, Lord.  You know how thick my head (and heart) are."

And so He did.

Michaela and I made several phone calls to a couple colleges that she had been considering prior to her earlier decision.  A couple weeks later we found ourselves bombing 90 mph eastward to visit University of Mary in Bismarck.  While not perfect, to see that there are faith-filled souls striving to live our Faith without apology filled my heart with joy.  Then, there is Benedictine College....just visiting with the transfer counselor there has been an edifying experience.  This truly-Catholic-college search is so enjoyable I actually want to keep calling around just to speak to the admissions departments.  Pathetic, I know.

A friend commented that it filled her with sorrow to know what Carroll could be doing to be a light in a darkening world, yet wasn't.  I absolutely agree with her.  However, I find the light and energy emanating from those schools that are willing to be a light in the darkness so encouraging.  It's much more encouraging than the disappointment and sadness that I feel for Carroll.  I simply pray that Carroll becomes a school that I want my kiddos to attend.
It could happen....and that would be exciting!

Meanwhile, we are praying that Michaela ends up where God wants her to be.  There is definitely a compelling interest in Kansas due to the fact that Steven is there, but we have discussed that that would not be a great reason to choose where to attend college.  I'm trusting the He will guide her decision this time and as long as she keeps leaning on God, He will make the path clear.

We stopped in Beach on our way to Bismarck ~
The water tower is one of my favorite memories of Grandma's house.

As a child, we spent Easter here at Grandma and Grandpa N's.  It was fun to show Michaela and Katherine the cemetery and where we walked down the seemingly endless, red, dirt roads, and where we'd hang over the fence to feed the horses, and St John's church (it's almost synonymous with the song Jesus Christ is Risen Today) and the tiny grocery store and the retaining walls we'd jump off much to Grandma's dismay, and of course the aforementioned water tower.  
Such good memories.
Once, Mom and Dad sent me with my two uncles from Helena to Beach.  The entire family was coming out a week or so later, but since the uncles were driving through earlier, I got to go with them.  Oh to be at Grandma's by myself ~ there was Dairy Queen and hanging out with Grandma and as many donuts as a girl could eat!  It was discovered that I didn't pack my swimsuit and Heaven knows a girl can't run through a sprinkler without a swimsuit, or so Grandma thought.  Into the car we piled to drive to Dickinson, which certainly wasn't a short drive especially in those days, to buy a swimsuit. I'm not sure how I lucked out in the grandparent department, but both sets treated us all as though we were their favorites......or maybe it was just me!  

University of Mary is outside of Bismarck, up on the bluffs above the Missouri River.
I thought it was pretty just for the record.

The buildings could use some improvement, 
but like Katherine said, "I'm not going to school for the architecture."

I loved the chapel ~ and the fact that they have a large chapel on campus.

Michaela was stoked that they had an indoor track, and it's open 24 hours a day.  
Like she'll run in the wee morning hours......ha!

Max thought the sunshine was magnificent ~

But froze in the pool ~

Bubbles and the hot tub were more up his alley.

Thanks for the trip, my daughters.  It was a fun little jaunt!


  1. Wow - that chapel is bigger than our parish church here! God is good, and while the "right" school's initials might not appear in the clouds, I trust the Lord will use Michaela to reveal His glory wherever feels most like home for her. Good luck with the search. loveyoumeanit...

  2. Thank you, Tori. It really is about His glory isn't it? I wish I'd realized that a year ago!