Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Annika ~ Now You Are 10!

Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday, dear Annika!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

My sweet little girl is 10 years old!  You bring such delight to our lives.  You are Maximo's little mother and would keep him cuddled in bed with you if I let you.  Once upon a time, you were my little girl who loved only girly things.  While you still love princesses and tea parties, you also enjoy forts and cars and fishing with your brothers.  I guess it's survival of the are smack dab among five boys!  

I love you, sweet girl ~

This was the year of the #10 birthday party.  
I must say, it was the most subdued birthday party we have ever had.
I'm still not sure what was goin' on! 
 We played horseshoes and roped a horsie ~

And pin-the-udder-on-the-cow ~

And ate junk food ~

And jumped on the trampoline.
Annika had a ball, but I wasn't sure what to do without 
everyone acting wild and crazy!

Sweet Halle came out for a visit before dinner on Annika's real birthday ~

Annika almost let us make her creme brulee for dessert, 
but changed her mind and chose a treasure chest cake. 

We all knew what her favorite present was :o)
Auntie Margaret ~ she was fairly certain she was in Heaven!

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