Tuesday, May 26, 2015


May used to be my favorite month of the year.  It is so filled with hope and it's my birthday month, so as a child that was super exciting.  It seems that now May is so busy that I don't even have time to smell the lilacs.....and lilacs are my favorite flower ever!  This year we made a concentrated effort to avoid anything unnecessary during the month.  Thank God we did because Shannon got super crazy with work.  Despite being busy, we were able to make time for a few things that we typically wouldn't have and that was awesome!

My tulips weren't gobbled up by the deer this year.
Happy days!

Eric began helping me with a rock wall and soon he had built the entire thing himself. 
Now it lines an entire section of our driveway and is beautiful!

A waterfall we visited for my birthday.
It was beautiful and in a totally unexpected place for a waterfall.

Max couldn't get his toes into the water fast enough....just like his siblings.

We enjoyed it so much that we had to take Grandma a couple days later. 

Dashing through the falls.....

....with my totally awesome sister.

A fun fact about these falls.....a hot spring merges with the creek a 
bit upstream, so they're actually warm. 

My big, brave boy, Nickles, packed shampoo and conditioner to take a shower.  
When he actually ran under the falls, clinging to Katherine, he decided the water would break his neck and a shower wasn't such a fabulous idea. 

Caterpillars ~
Although we made Nickles leave them in the grass, some hitched a ride home in his backpack.

Max is ready for some Cheetos ~

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  1. Beautiful photographs, beautiful family! Happy birthday, my friend who shares the same birthday as I do! :) I sure hope our friendship continues to grow each year! Someday will you take me on that gorgeous hike?