Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Funnies

Shannon was in a meeting with some new clients.  Their realtor was discussing children and asked Shan how many children he had.  Following Shannon's reply, she exclaimed, "And I thought I was busy with two!"
Shannon, always quick with a reply said, "Two. Yeah.  When we have two at home we call that date night!"

Shannon's brother was staying with us for a few days.  During this time we were installing new flooring and fixing other random items around the house. To say the house was a disaster is an understatement.  One night Nickles and I carved a corner out in my bedroom to play cards among boxes of flooring that were waiting to be installed.  Putting on my pj's, I sat down with Nickles.  He matter-of-factly stated, "You can't leave the room now, Mom."
When I asked him why not he said, "Well, Uncle Ryan is here and he'll see your pajamas and say, 'Oooooo.  I'm going to copy you.  I'm going to get some of those for my mommy.'" 
And these weren't risqué pj's! 

Katherine wanted me to drop her off early at work so she could be out of there before the younger guys arrived after noon.  I asked her why this was such a big deal.  
"Well, Mom, they're just scary. They have tattoos up their arms, and they're all skinny.  AND they're bald." 
I kinda thought the bald thing wouldn't bother her too much, what with the baldness in our family and stuff.  After all, her favorite uncle is bald! 

Referring to Dwayne Johnson, Josh announces from the back seat of the suburban, "Mom, The Rock isn't that big naturally.  He took sterilizers." 
Wellllll, incidentally......

Upon Nickles hearing his friend (actually Kath's friend) was coming over, "I need to change clothes.  Hannah Bee doesn't like these."
Then later as I was leaving for a meeting he said, "Bye Mom.  I like you." 
Apparently, he had just informed Hannah he loved her.
The following morning as he and Hannah were sitting at the counter eating breakfast and I was again leaving for an appointment, instead of giving me his typical hug, he stretched out his arm to shake my hand.  
Tomorrow he will return to his spot as my little friend, but meanwhile being displaced by one of my daughter's friends smarts a little :o)

One Saturday evening we were visiting with friends.
Dom was sent to take a shower.  
He had been in there forever, or rather the water had been running forever, when Shannon peeked in to check on him.  
Apparently, he got it good and steamy, then proceeded with bathroom art.  
All I can picture is a naked little boy drawing all over the mirror, 
kinda reminiscent of Calvin and Hobbes.

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