Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Michaela!

Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday to you ~
Happy Birthday, dear Michaela!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

This past year hasn't been the easiest for you, but you have risen to the occasion.  A lot has happened since your last birthday. You began college, you made friends, you lost friends ~ some of them were no great loss ~ you tore your OTHER ACL, you learned some hard life lessons, you realized that your will isn't necessarily God's will. The bottom line is that one year later you are stronger (especially your knee....did I say that?!?), wiser, more emotionally mature and at peace with life, despite its twists and turns.  
As I hung up the phone this afternoon I realized that, despite our battles, you're one of my best friends. 
Keep your head high, be yourself, in everything search for Truth and Beauty, know God is always by your side, even when it doesn't feel that way.  

I love you!


M & M

Lucky your birthday came along, Maximo got to play with his girlfriends.

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