Friday, April 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Ha! I'm writing this less than a month after Easter.  I'm so behind recording our life events that I feel that being less than a month behind is a major accomplishment!

Margaret and Alex visited during Easter.  That made it extra special, especially for Nickles who thinks Pierce is totally awesome!  The kiddos all love spending time together, so each year it seems like we kinda just let them get a bunch of cousin time in, despite it adding to the craziness.

Easter morning is so special...getting up early and going to Mass.  Jesus Christ is Risen Today has to be one of my favorite songs.  One Easter the organist didn't play it and it felt like complete apostasy! But more than the traditions, the knowledge that Jesus died, then rose again just for me fills my heart with hope.....hope that, despite being steeped in sinfulness, He can make all things new.

 Onto more temporal matters ~
we dye to blessed many eggs every year. 
Really we do.
23 dozen.
And I put five dozen I boiled back in the fridge.

Everyone starts out with a bang and after the first few dozen the bloom is off the rose.
Who knew dying eggs could become a chore??

Phu-ewtsa!  We're done!

Easter bread wreaths ~
They sure were yummy ~

 Reaching toward heaven ~

Uncle Ben is often more comfortable around the littles ~

These two worry me!

On your mark.
Get set.

Just because this made me giggle ~

He barely paused for a pic ~ and his eyes are scoping out more eggs.

Only this girl would toss her shoes to the side to scale a tree ~

The bigs adopt a little to help them join the fun ~

Still searching ~

They put a pin in their archery-and-other-important-boy-stuff 
conversation long enough for me to take a picture ~

Halle & Katherine ~

Michaela even was able to make it home for Easter, even 
though she'd been home a couple weeks earlier ~

The two cousins friends ~

And their handsome friend ~

Kid table ~

After a nap, we went to the property tp practice our golf swing and play some Bocce ball.  
Then it got co-old.  

Happy Easter to All!

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