Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday Katherine ~

You're so special,
Oh, so special!
God gave you to us.
It's no wonder that we love you so!

Seventeen years ago you joined our little (it was little back then) family.  We were rather scared after Michaela's arrival rocked our otherwise calm world.  But you slipped in, pink, perfect and crying like crazy!  We are so proud of you, Katherine.  We've been asked many times how we've raised such an awesome teenager. Frankly, we don't know, except by the grace of God.  Continue to seek Him daily and you will continue to do well.  And better than doing well, you'll see Jesus in Heaven one day!

I love you!

Kath and her favorite past time ~ riding at Life's Dance Ranch.  

Even opening her presents she's taking care of all the littles~

Apparently, at 17 you still needed help blowing out your candles ;o) 
At least one brother is tempering himself!
Happy birthday!


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