Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Little Too Lazy

Shannon continually encourages me to really enjoy the kids.  After school wrapped up this spring he was really on my case to recharge during the summer months.  So around the first of July I decided to do just as he suggested.  I really focused on doing as little as possible unless it involved something entertaining or relaxing....or urgent.  I did the laundry when necessary and shopped if I had if we were out of ice cream and cones. I almost perfected a make-do-or-do-without mentality and by the end of August it kinda bit me.

Shannon began to wonder what exactly I had been doing with my time and why we were out of bars of soap, dishwasher detergent, liquid soap, napkins, dish towels, rags in the bathrooms, and, God forbid, baby wipes. While the argument that ensued was less-than-awesome, my batteries were really recharged for the forthcoming school year.  

It's rather ridiculous that I need to focus on fun, but that's my reality.  Forcing myself to relax, soak up sunshine and really appreciate my family was good for me, and good for my kids too.  Dinner was extra lame for a couple months, but such is life!  We were all sun burned, bleachy haired and chill by 
August 31st!  And plus, the kids perfected their swimming, cliff jumping and it wasn't all in vain.  

I was ready for the school year when Labor Day arrived.  So bring on Fall and all the glorious work ahead.  We are ready to buckle down and get this school year least now that the laundry is caught up and Shannon has underwear in his drawers vs. scrounging through the heaping clean clothes basket!

A couple random pics ~
Yes, Iceman, I am dangerous.

Eric and cousin Mary Rose off to the spring dance ~


If it can be dove into or jumped off, my boys will probably attempt it ~

The girls and their loves ~

Little Max snappin' a pic with the iPhone ~

Nickles and sweet Sophia ~

Hiking with friends ~

Grandpa's cabin bridge ~

In the midst of it all we were forced to dig a new well ~

~ Of course filling the water line was a family affair.

Sunflowers make me happy ~

We fit in server training, although once we were so preoccupied with something fun 
while we were supposed to be at the church. Ugh. Totally irresponsible. 

Sisters are the best ~

Have I mentioned cliff jumping?

Coolin' off ~

Enjoying the fruits of his siblings' labor ~ huckleberry jam.

More huckleberries ~
And cousins.

While the bigs were camping, we had a camp out at our neighbor's teepees.

Swimming goggles also work for tear prevention while chopping onions. was the BEST! 
Next summer we are going to stretch our wings a bit and learn a few more rivers.

Watching the well drillers ~

More rafting ~

We brought the canoe and kayak too ~

There's nothing better than older sisters ~

Blowing Daddy a kiss ~

An entire Boyscout troop was all the encouragement 
my boys needed to jump off these rocks ~

Dad took us flying one early Sunday morning and we saw 'our' river from the air.

The courtesy vehicle at the Choteau airport was an old Crown Victoria.
Annika couldn't figure out what the window cranks were for.

Riding the airport bicycles while Grandpa fuels up the plane.

Even Grandma tried one out.

Donuts with Halle ~ mmmmmm.

With any slack time, there was always the trampoline.

Max working out with Eric.

Then there was the day that I was returning tile, parked right outside the store, and upon my very quick return Nicholas had managed to wrap the seat belt around himself so badly we nearly had to cut it off.  It's always something; I really have no idea how he gets himself into these pickles.  
We had to twist him upside down to free him while holding the seat belt to keep it from retracting any further.  All the while he was mad at me for his disaster!  

Josh and Michaela flying with Grams and Gramps.

And the very last weekend we spent at Placid Lake with Joey and Stacy 
kayaking, boating, tubing....and eating!


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