Sunday, October 23, 2016

Summer Funnies

Dinner time conversation ~~~ Nickles randomly states, "When I get a dog it's going to be named Shadow."
Shannon mumbles, "Because a shadow is as close to a dog as you're going to get."
"Well, when I get another dog I'm going to name it Chance."
Shannon again, "Because there's not a chance in you-know-where that you're getting a dog." 

While feeding Max his bedtime snack Nickles walked in the kitchen. "Mom, can I have something to drink?"
"Sure, have a glass of water."
"Well, I'm thirsty and hungry and that means I need something to eat and drink and that means I want cookies and milk."
I guess that's logical when you're six. 

Nickles told Shannon in the birthday card he gave Shannon that he'd be needing his truck. (the boys bought him a back up camera which needed to be installed) Shannon asked him if he needed the truck to pick up chicks. Nickles answered, "Yeah! And owls too! Hoot! Hoot!"

Driving down the pass, I hit a bird.  As feathers drifted behind the car my heart was really sad, recalling the verse about the sparrow in the Bible and told Nickles how I felt. 
His consolation was, "Well, it was the bird's fault.  He should have been paying attention."

Walking into an epic disaster in my bathroom and Nickles furiously plunging the toilet, he turned to me and said, "It was your fault.  You put oatmeal in the apple pie."
That kid is a bit into the blame game.

A couple weeks ago Shannon and his girls went camping/hunting.  The boys worked their tails off for me the entire day so I told them I'd do whatever fun thing they wanted that night.  After much debate they chose to watch a superhero movie.  After consulting (excellent movie review site) I decided it would be okay if we fast forwarded through a few spots.
The following evening our new priest came over for dinner. As luck would have it, the boys asked him who his favorite superhero is.  I didn't think much of it since my older sons have logical discussion points about all the current superheroes, much of it derived from listening to Fr. Mike Schmitz.  There was a lull in the conversation and that's when I should have began talking.
Suddenly, Nicholas states loudly, "Ahhhh, Wonderwoman! She is soooo awesome!"
While my face turned 90 shades of crimson, Father about choked on his food he was laughing so hard.

Grandma headed back to visit Auntie Maria for a couple weeks.  Annika was feeling rather sorry for poor, lonely Grandpa in Grandma's absence.  Now Grandpa is not one who minds being alone.  In fact, I think he rather enjoys solitude.  Annika told him, "We should have a game night with all the cousins while Grandma is gone!"
While that would be the furthest thing from Grandpa's idea of fun, he also cannot disappoint his granddaughters.  So he replied, "Yes! That sounds like a really good idea."
Annika was excited about the prospect, but we stalled til Grandma's return.

Shannon was getting after the boys for the state of one of the bathrooms.  Nickles waited til Shannon left the room and then says, "Well, we're not the only ones.  Remember in Mike Rowe when that toilet was just pissed off."
And while the language was a bit startling, we couldn't help but laugh.

A couple days ago Dom, Nickles and Josh folded the laundry.  While it was a noble effort, I wanted to cry as it looked more like they'd wadded clothes into random piles that covered the dining table.  I gathered the kids together to learn and practice folding a few key items.  Everyone got it except Dom. He could not understand how to fold towels correctly.  Nickles was whipping them out right and left, but Dom simply was stumped.  Then he got frustrated and a tantrum unlike any other ensued.
Fast forward to Sunday.
Dom was serving Mass and was instructed to remove the corporal from the altar.  The corporal needs to be folded precisely, something with which every new server seems to initially struggle.  Visualize folding a large map that is at eye level and doing it in front of 250 people while the sleeves of your robe continually catches the corners of the cloth messing up your folding.
First he folded it one way, then another.  Then he unfolded it again and refolded it a different way, his face becoming more and more puzzled.
The entire time I was envisioning his tantrum from a couple days prior and tears were running down my face...partially because the entire scenario was hilarious and partially because I was terrified of what he would do next.  Mentally, I was preparing for him to wad the entire thing up, drop it on the ground, stomping off to the sacristy during a most reverent part of Mass.
Finally, he decided that it was good enough and grabbing the cloth firmly, headed to the sacristy where Eric schooled him on corporal folding.    

More summer pics ~ 
Making slime with Pierce.  

This I found hilarious ~
The weekend we were up at Placid found the moms with the littlest on the dock and 
Joey out on the boat with all the rest of the kids.  

Ah ~ summer days.
I am longing for one more warm day right now.

Try to catch me, Momma!

Ice cream and parasols ~

Annika and Lauryn love each other ~

Princess Water Lily ~


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