Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dom ~

You're so special ~ oh so special ~ God gave you to us!
It's no wonder that we LOVE you so!

Ah, the day you were born...Auntie Theresa was married the night before and life felt crazy.  I couldn't wait to meet you, but I wanted to go to her wedding.  Our family and friends whisked all your brothers and sisters away and Daddy & I had an evening together before you joined us.  The next day we settled in for another of our long labors.  You made your arrival in your own good time, marching to the beat of your own drum.  The minute we saw your precious little face we were worried~ you looked exactly like your big brother, Joshie, and we knew what a fireball he was!
My favorite, favorite, favorite part of when you were born was the next day, though.  Aunt Rose & Uncle Steve came in with their entire family.  All these big guys holding your wee, little body in their strong hands melted my heart.

Calvin to the core!

Uncle Gabe and your favorite tractor, his Skidsteer.

I love you, Dom!


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