Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Nickles ~

You're so special ~ oh so special ~ God gave you to us!
It's no wonder that we LOVE you so!

You were another stylishly late Bell baby.  The day you were born I awoke to contractions, but thought I wouldn't tell your brothers and sisters for a while.  I was planning on doing our math lessons, baking with everyone to end the week, then merrily leaving for the hospital that afternoon.  My labors are so long, that I knew there was plenty of time.  
Halfway through our lesson, I mentioned to Daddy we might want to move a little faster than originally planned ~ actually we may just want to call our midwife right away ~ like pack the bags, throw the kids in the suburban and hit the road!
When we arrived at the hospital I was actually relieved to be escorted via wheelchair to the maternity ward ~ not typically my cup-o-tea.  You were born Cesarean an hour later.  Apparently, all the movement I had been feeling was you turning somersaults.  Unfortunately, in this case, you landed on your feet and decided to make your entry into our lives toes first.
You must have been trying to join in all the activity out in the big world; you are still trying to keep up. Never to be outdone by your big brothers, if you have your way you are always in the thick of things!

 Just one of the guys ~

Our last night of peace before your godparents helped you permanently disrupt the peace and quiet around our house with six (no, not just one but six!) very noisy vehicles.
What am I talking about??? There is no peace and quiet around this house!

We love you Nickles!

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