Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday Shannon & I celebrated 19 blissful years of marriage.  Okay, I jest, it has been hard work. There have been good times and not-so-good times, but the good times make it all so very worth it!

We were blessed to spend the evening with some friends on the lake.  The evening exemplified our married life.  We were floating down the river, the sky was spectacular, the air had cleared and was no longer smokey, it was the perfect temperature, when in the blink of an eye (and I mean that quite literally) the evening changed to stormy.
Like white caps, water spouts, wind, rain, crazy stuff!
It was perfectly fitting for our anniversary evening ~ that's our marriage ~ that's our life.
Calm, almost lulls a person to sleep, when out of nowhere a curve ball comes flying in.
The sailing may be a bit wild for a while, but it's always exciting.

Thanks for the wonderful ride...I mean life!
You are the BEST!

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