Friday, August 31, 2012


I never tire of the things little kids say.  It really makes some of the more difficult moments in child rearing okay, knowing that it all comes together at some point and time to make one beautiful life.
Of course, next week as we begin school for the year, I will probably feel totally different, but today, it's all good!

As Dom and I were driving up the Pass (and driving with a child always leads to some very interesting conversations) he casually states, "Mom I would wub to wun on water."  
Where he got this idea I have yet to determine, and the fact that he doesn't want to simply walk on water, but RUN totally fits him!  

Later that afternoon, I laid down with him for a nap.  I was busy trying to breathe deeply, but could hear him rustling beside me.  I peeked to see what he was doing, to see him pick-pick-picking his nose.  
"Dominic, stop doing that in my bed!"  
"It's okay, Mom.  I'm wiping it on my bwanket!" 

Oh good, I feel all better now.  

And tonight he was standing beside me on the lawn waiting for Daddy to come out and shoot his bow.  I watched as he pulled a handful of chocolate chips from his pocket.
"Dom, why do you have chocolate chips?"
"Oh, Daddy paid me to be his caddy."
"Caddy for what?"
"Caddy for pulling his arrows out of the target." 

Presently, he is sitting at the counter eating his very own recipe ~ a tortilla sandwich.  He was hungry and frankly, I am done preparing food today. I told him if he was that hungry he could either have a bowl of cereal or make something for himself.  He went right to work...first the plate, then some grapes in one corner, two slices of bread, mayo, a tortilla, some cheese curds and a final slice of bread to top it all off. 


But he's happy, so I'm happy...good night!

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