Thursday, August 2, 2012


I love sunflowers...I look forward to their pretty, bright, ant-filled faces all summer long.  This summer, I watched them alongside the roads as I was jogging from the time they peeped through the dirt anticipating their late summer blooms.
Monday morning I was excited to go for an early morning run solely so I could see them bobbing alongside the road, as they were almost ready to open last week.
When I jumped out of the car I almost cried.
The county had apparently sprayed weeds in the past few days and all their stems were curling, their blooms wilted toward the ground.  The motivation for a good run disappeared right then and there...not that it takes much!

So, I went home and picked a handful of raspberries, another summer joy.  I began tearing them all out last summer when Shannon intervened and told me I should give them one more year before giving up completely.  Am I ever glad I listened!  The raspberry bushes must have realized that their time was limited and began to produce profusely this year.

Nickles & Dom can lean out their bedroom window and pick the highest berries ~

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