Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer & Entertainment

Summer is the best time of year.  Winter can be good too, but the simplicity of summer makes it simply perfect.  Everyone is content with simple dinners, very little clothing and little to do.

I was asked a month ago or so how I kept my kiddos entertained all summer long.
"Entertained?" I thought, "Gosh, isn't summer by its very nature diversion enough?"
We do things that we typically wouldn't, go places that we ordinarily wouldn't, but in and of itself, summer entertains!

It made me contemplate all the ways our children are entertained, or should I say, over stimulated: television, video games, movies, umpteen summer camps, etc.  Has this continual "entertainment" led to a slight hiccup in our children's imaginations?  Certainly this is not a novel revelation occurring to only me.  But it did make me think possibly, just possibly, we are doing something right!
Maybe time spent just with our thoughts spurs the imagination to greater heights.

I was clicking through our summer pics thus far (yes, I was entertaining myself!) and laughed at the things my children have done this summer.  It reminded me of summers from my childhood.  My kiddos make darn sure they have something to do, because if they complain to me about boredom, heaven only knows what I'll dream up to occupy their time!
And it won't be a summer sports camp, more likely it will be sanding down all the kitchen stools and refinishing them!

Oh, they're already doing that....they must have been caught complaining once or twice!

Hiking Red Mountain ~

Cousins & ice cream cones ~

Cousins and the summer Symphony ~

Cotton candy ~ and I didn't buy it, they figured it out on their own!

Just chillin' ~

Licking water off the deck railing ~
could anything be more entertaining?!?

The solution to boredom....washing windows ~

Catching frogs ~

More cousin time ~

Swimming....or at least thinking about swimming ~

Catching critters ~

Practicing baseball ~

Lunch lawn picnics....PB&J just tastes better that way ~ 

Sun Kissed ~

Evening picnics ~

Sprinklers ~

Drinking pop or juice from a can ~

S'mores ~

Sisters and s'mores ~

Climbing trees ~

Looking for little creatures ~

Drawing ~

Catching teeny fish ~

Butterfly faces ~

Building dams ~

Getting our hair wet just for the heck of it ~

Sending pop cans for a ride ~

 Yes, he missed ~ thrice ~

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