Saturday, September 8, 2012


For a long time I was opposed to any technology.  Shannon purchased an iTouch for me a couple Christmases ago and since I was expecting Nickels at the time, informed me that I could learn how to use it while I was in labor.
If looks could kill.....
With Nickles arriving via emergency C-section I didn't have time to educate myself on the many uses of the little device til I was sitting on the couch later on.  Actually, I wasn't too excited about using it at all because I kinda thought he had purchased it more for himself than for me.  Now, not a day goes by without it being used many, many times.  Lately, it has been the perfect entertainment in the car while I run hither and yon in these first couple weeks of school.

While I was making dinner this afternoon I thought I'd listen to music only to find my iPod missing.  The only person in the house was Nickles, so I began looking for him, knowing my iPod would be nearby.  After an initial response he was silent, realizing he had what I was looking for.  I found him lying beneath the coffee table, fishing.....the naughty little boy!
It is hard to believe something I was so opposed to has become so indispensable ~

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