Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cousins & Friends

The last two weekends have been filled with friends and cousins and family time.  It has been fun and chaotic, but mostly fun!  The boys had friends over last weekend and they wanted to burn all the prior year's school papers.  Boys and fire always go together, so I let them.  Two packages of hot dogs later they were happy and my paper drawer was pretty much empty!

This weekend, of course, has been filled with Thanksgiving and my boys were thankful for their cousin coming for a visit from Phoenix.  Another fire ensued as well as some target practice down in the field.  We filled in extra minutes with poker games, dancing, catching critters in a live trap and, Hallelujah, a haircut for my littlest bro, Joey!
I am a fan of short hair on a guy but Joey prefers his on the longer side.  For a year or two now I have been itching to take a pair of scissors, a knife, or really any sharp utensil to Joey's hair and he finally let me.  
For the record, I used scissors!

Boys and fire ~ 
Is there a more dangerous combination?
Oh yes, boys and knives!

I love cousins...they always will be your friends ~

Big boys and  little boys love fires ~

More time with cousins ~

Thumbs up!

My girls are going to clean house in a poker game someday!

Okay, so maybe my boys too ~
The fine art of bluffing they are slowly learning ~

Nickles & Dom were not too thankful for a shared chair at Thanksgiving dinner~
BUT they were thankful for the pies that followed!

Dancing ~ Dancing ~ Dancing ~

We are thankful for Auntie Margaret teaching us how to dance.
Michaela and Kath are hell bent on ensuring that they share their knowledge with all their cousins and friends.

What a crazy night ~
The walls were pulsing from the music when suddenly our parish priest 
was standing in our midst. 
He stopped by as he was driving over the Pass.
Nothing like a little holiness to keep everyone in line!

Tickling the ivories ~

What a hip-hip-hippie!

The eyes are the lamp of the soul, Joey!

Can you spy the witto fwying squirrel?

Baby? Halle Jo


  1. I give the "after-photo" a thumbs up!
    The haircut looks awesome.