Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kittens and Careers

As mentioned earlier Joshie brought home a new kitten.  This kitten brought with it some sort of eye infection.  We  I kept hoping it would resolve on its own.  It didn't and now our sweet little Bella also has whatever Squirt brought to our house.  So we began a treatment regimen that will hopefully help.  Coincidentally, during this time Eric has decided he is going to be a vet because at this time in his life it seems the easiest and most appealing way to make a million bucks, thus enabling him to buy a ranch and become his ultimate dream, a rancher.

It was into this discussion that I entered the room, "Joshie, I am going to do most of this operation.  I need to practice for when I'm a vet someday. Oh, Mom, tell Joshie that I am doing this and tell him that he can't make a million bucks being a cheetah trainer.  Mom, did you know that Joshie wants to be a cheetah trainer?"

Well, I simply won't tell Josh that he can't make a million bucks being a cheetah trainer because if he is fast enough to catch a cheetah he'll make that money long before Eric does.

And, I can't be sure, but I think Joshie shows more an aptitude for veterinary medicine!  He only had to be scratched once before he decided to roll little Squirt up in a towel to administer the eye medication!


  1. Hey Allison! Tell Joshie thanks for the tip. Matthew stuck another item up his nose the other day and was screaming bloody murder and we had the hardest time wrestling him to the floor so we could "tweezer him." Luckily, Paul and I had read this post over coffee that morning and decided to try Josh's towel trick on Matthew. Worked like a charm and his nose is now fully functioning again! I don't know about the Cheetah-trainer thing...but he might have an actual calling in the medical field!