Friday, November 2, 2012


I secretly enjoy Halloween.  As a kid it was the only time I was allowed to wear lipstick, therefore I always dressed as some sort of princess.  As in the past years, Shannon was threatening to not allow trick-or-treating, but the kids and I won the argument ~ there actually didn't seem to be much of one ~ and ended up going.  Nickles got the hang of it about three houses in and could hardly contain himself.  That must seem magical to a child...walk up to someone's door, ring the doorbell and they hand you CANDY!
Frankly, I still feel like it's some sort of robbery.  Shannon's idea of resuming our own Halloween/All Saints Day party is appealing just so long we still dress up ~~~~ and I can be a princess.

My musketeer, cowboy, Kateri Tekakwitha, Pooh, Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes
the hat just didn't turn out the way it was envisioned

Joey, Stacy and Halle
Joey is counting down the days til next Halloween!

Joey can't wait to dress up like this ~
Actually my husband said he would wear this if I found it.
Should I try him?

Nickles was disappointed I wouldn't paint his nails after I was done  putting lipstick on his rosy cheeks~
He does like makeup!

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