Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello Little Blog

It seems like forever since anything has been recorded on this little blog.  So much has been happening, yet so little actually is accomplished lately!  While trying to figure out where the time goes I thought through an average day.  I arrived at the conclusion that one little person in this household has been consuming an inordinate amount of time...and his name is Nicholas!  From the 3000 times a day he changes clothes to the random messes he leaves hither and yon, it seems as though caring for him is a full time job.  Every trip to town always consists of a trip or two to a public restroom.  Since he hasn't mastered using the toilet in an adult male manner yet, coat, clothing and shoes go flying as he frantically disrobes down to his socks.  This takes no small amount of time, so a couple errands must be canceled, or rather postponed, thus piling more stuff on the never-ending to-do list.  I know that this too shall pass and I'll long for the days when he was 3 years old, but in the moment it seems as though he will never grow up.  Despite all the extra time he takes,  the laughs he provides to all of us more than make up for it! 

The pictures are random snaps, nothing coordinated, nothing fabulous, just everyday moments that are treasured. 

I am loving reading science with Katherine this year!

Painting could be a daily project ~

Michaela's chicken leg when she finally was able to remove the bandages.
For the record, SHE wanted me to take a picture.

More painting ~

One of my hands-down favorite traditions....
Valentine' Day dinner with all my sweethearts.

We do not have a house cat.
We do not have a house cat.
We do NOT have a house cat!

How should I pose for this picture?

Just like big brother!

Handwriting practice ~

Salad is so much tastier right out of the bowl!

Another glorious mess ~ Nickle's morning hair styling.
He has filled my hairspray three times now with water 
which is typically discovered when I am trying to make a mad dash from the house, only to realize I have just soaked my hair with water and NOT spritzed it into place. 

When we try to help him look a little less Alfalfa-ish
he will scream and "re-do" his style ~

Both shelves in Annika and Dom's room were previously occupied with Annika's treasures.  
Dom decided he needed one shelf which we agreed was a good idea. 

The girl shelf......

....And the boy shelf.

Looking for a good snow drift ~

The drifts are not nearly what they have been in prior years.

Sweet Annika appears incapable of a snowball fight ~
Looks are deceiving!

She has gained the high ground....look out below!

Snow caves ~

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