Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Every Lent, right before Easter, I get the itch to clean the house top to bottom.  Today was the day.  Between lessons the ladder was brought from the garage while I prepared to wash the windows.  When Shannon arrived home and saw the ladder lying on the floor he was less than excited.  Now I would think that he would be ecstatic that his house was being cared for.  Whenever the house is that deep cleaned his various animal mounts get polished as well, although, now that I'm thinkin' about it he may not want his mounts cleaned.  The extra inch of dust on the antlers adds the illusion of mass and that is a desired effect for hunters far and wide.
But I digress.
He must get frustrated because it's not just the windows that get cleaned.  And it's not just me that gets involved.  Soon he is toting home carpet cleaners and fans, picking up cans of paint, retouching the texture on the walls....and the list is never ending.  He always tells me that I jump off the bridge and he has to catch me.
No wonder he was exasperated when he saw the ladder.  He actually saw a week of full time work!

Keep smilin' Babe ~ 

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