Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Triduum Part 2

Following a quiet Friday afternoon reflecting on Our Lord's suffering and death for us. We had a simple dinner.  I really didn't want the silence to end, there is much to reflect on.  I must remember to return to this place of silence and contemplation more often!

The afternoon is always followed up by evening egg dying.  And not just with our kiddos...with Gabe's kids, Maria's babies, John's girlies, and Joey's Halle.  this year Carter was even able to join us.  All told, there were 21 kids and 11 adults.

It was cra.a.a.zy!

22 dozen eggs later, a team of three judges began deciding which eggs were the best.  With so many talented artists in the group it was a difficult decision.  Shannon ended up with first prize, thus winning his money back.

Shhhh, little chickie...Mommy said to be quiet!

Nickles was the die-hard egg man.  He stayed til the bitter end!

Katherine doing her best work ~

Joshie ~

Screwball Drewskie ~

Carter even joined in the mayhem ~

I'm not sure the twins knew what to think.

Gabby & Hannah working together ~

Best friends, Annika & Isabelle ~

Tristen ~

Kolby & Dom

Caleb workin' his tongue ~

The guys that were trying to avoid the chaos ~

The littles found a quiet corner to play ~

Putting wrappers on the eggs is hot work ~

Halle Jo wanted to decorate her own ~

Michaela and her godson, Kelton ~

The judges trying to make an unbiased decision ~

~ Good Night ~

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